Photography Packages. Get on the schedule to get it sold!

There are lots of tools available to help sell your home.  Analytics, data capture, drones, video, promotional flyers, open houses, fancy and complex marketing strategies.  I have found, it is hard to beat a good photograph.  A good photograph of the home can really bring out the beauty of the home.

When selling your home, a good photograph will get a potential buyer’s attention.  Adding a promotional video, drone video and images will only enhance the foundation of the marketing.  The foundation of the marketing begins with a good image and a good initial presentation. No amount of hype and flowery language can compensate for a poor starting photograph.  Let Jewell PR Creative Services help you sell your home.

Home Tour Packages

Home Photography

Home Photography and Home Photography Plus includes 30-45 standard images, and 4-10 HDR images.

Real Estate Sales Video

Fully produced sales videos for your property.  Music and a voiceover are included. Adding a person on video can be added.

Twilight Highlight

Twilight Highlight to bring out the beauty of the home, the lights, exterior, lnd and external features.


Aerial footage and images for larger properties and homes gives an amazing view and perspective of the property.

Floor Maps

Get a floor plan to go with the rest of the shoot to give more insight and perspective to the images and videos.

Friendly Support

We're always glad to help, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions about Legend template.

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& events

More than just real estate photography

Inquire about corporate sponsored events, sports photography, awards and other social gatherings. Take a deeper look at my portfolio and other services.

ehanance the shoot

Add ons

Enhance your shoot by adding a floor map or aerial shot,  Include a twilight. or a short video.  These will improve the effectiveness of your shoot.

Let Jewell PR Creative Services help you sell your home.

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